Preschoolers Matthew and David taking turns on our indoor slide

CPEM’s First Family of Quadruplets
CPEM'S First Family of Quadruplets

Yineli and her EI therapist Kerri
" Yaneli and her EI therapist Kerri. Yineli, who has Jacobson Syndrome, has beeen receiving EI services since birth. Thanks to the EI therapists and her family, Yineli has made great improvements in her development."


The programs sponsored by the Cerebral Palsy Association of Eastern Massachusetts, Inc. are as follows“Working as a team:”  Angel, his mother and one of our PT’s:

Children’s Programs

Early Intervention Services 

North Shore Infant and Toddler Program (NSITP)
CPEM established the North Shore Infant and Toddler Early Intervention Services (NSIT) in 1974.  The program has two sites, Lynn and Salem and provides services to approximately 1400 hundred families on the North Shore each year. 

Early Intervention services are available to eligible children, birth to Keilly enjoying some pretend-play during EI Toddler Groupthree years of age, who have or are at risk for developmental disabilities/delays due to established, biological or environmental factors.  The NSIT Early Intervention Program provides family centered home based services to facilitate the developmental progress of children.  EI staff work in partnership with parents and other caregivers throughout the process of assessment, development of the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) and planning for on-going services.  Early Intervention services are provided in the child’s natural environment which could include their home, child care  program or community program.  Early Intervention is funded by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health, 3rd party insurance, United Way of Mass Bay/Merrimack Valley,the City of Salem. Dept. of Planning and Community Development, US Dept. of Housing and Urban Development, Parent Fees and fund raising by CPEM, Inc.

Little Explorers’ PreschoolCombining the preschoolers and toddlers for our monthly music program

CPEM operates a preschool known
as Little Explorers’ Preschool in Lynn. The program offers a full day program to children aged 2.9 -  five years of age.  The program accepts child care vouchers and welcomes children with special needs.

Early Intervention Partnerships Program (EIPP)

CPEM administers a grant from the Department of Public Health to provide home visiting service through the EIPP program.  The program is a collaborative effort between CPEM, Lynn Community Health Center and Family and Children’s Services of Greater Lynn.  EIPP offers services and support to pregnant and post partum women living in Lynn and the surrounding communities who have social and environmental risk factors.

The goal of the program is to reduce infant mortality by early identification of maternal and infant risk and providing linkages to services and supports in the community to prevent poor health and/or developmental outcomes.  The EIPP team consists of a maternal and child health nurse, a mental health professional and a family liaison and is representative of the cultural and linguistic, racial and ethnic diversity of the population served.


Adult Programs

Supported Work Program (SWP)

CPEM operates a Supported Work Program (SWP), funded by the Massachusetts Rehabilitation Commission (MRC), for adults who have not been employable due to their physical disabilities.  Each year we help and support over 50 individuals seeking competitive employment, achieving a minimum of twenty-seven (27) placements each year.  Our SWP has been recognized by MRC as the most effective and efficient work program in Massachusetts.

Barrier-Free Family Housing - Phillips House, Salem

Cerebral Palsy Association of Eastern Massachusetts, Inc. is the sponsor for seventeen (17) units of barrier-free family housing approved by the Executive Office of Communities and Development.  The units are at the site of the former Phillips School in Salem, which is located on the Salem Common and is maintained by the Salem Housing Authority. 

CPEM selects residents and serves as liaison with the Salem Housing Authority.  Our IRF (Informal, Referral and Follow-Along) Social Worker provides consultation and follow up services to residents as needed.

Social Services/Advocacy

Social services offered by CPEM, Inc. include information, referral and follow-a-long services (IRF).  This program includes assistance in obtaining respite care, adaptive equipment for purchase or loan, camperships and financial assistance as needed.  Advocacy is available to all people who have physical and developmental disabilities.